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Attain the Ultimate Solution for Accurate and Contactless Temperature Monitoring with Chemstock’s Hanna Thermometer!

Hanna Thermometer

Different industry measurements require different temperature models. To suffice this, we are providing various types of Hanna thermometers. The Hanna thermometers are available in various models, each designed to meet your specific measurement needs. Some of the thermometer models at Chemstock are designed to measure temperature in liquids, while others are suitable for measuring air or surface temperature. Get your Hanna thermometers today if you want to rely on the best meters to check your temperatures and other parameters.

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Explore the Key features of Hanna Thermometers.

Digital display: The digital display of the Hanna thermometer typically shows the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, depending on the model.

Some models may also display other relevant information, such as the minimum and maximum temperature readings.

Probe or sensor: The probe or sensor of the Hanna thermometer is usually made of stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and can be easily cleaned.

Accuracy: Hanna thermometers are known for their high level of accuracy, with some models able to measure temperature with a precision of up to 0.1 degree Celsius. This makes them suitable for use in a wide range of applications requiring precise temperature measurement.

Durability: Hanna thermometers are typically built to be durable and long-lasting, with features such as waterproofing, shock resistance, and impact resistance. This makes them ideal for use in harsh environments, such as in the food and beverage industry or scientific research.

Versatility: Depending on the model, the Hanna thermometer may be able to measure temperature in a wide range of materials, including liquids, gasses, and solids. Some models may also have additional features, such as the ability to measure humidity or pH levels.

Choose the best Hanna Thermometers from Chemstock!

  • Checktemp® 4 Folding Thermometer – HI151
  • Checktemp® 1 Digital Thermometer with Stainless Steel Probe and 3.3’ silicone cable
  • HI93501 Portable thermistor thermometer
  • HI98501 – Checktemp® Digital Thermometer with Stainless Steel Penetration Probe
  • Checktemp® water-resistant digital thermometer with stainless steel penetration probe °C/°F

Reasons why Chemstock is the go-to place for Hanna Thermometers

Buying the perfect suite for temperature testing from Chemstock can help you get fine-quality meters. The devices are also equipped with the following benefits if chosen from Chemstock. Check out the reasons to make your order today.

Waterproof: Some models of the Hanna thermometer may be waterproof, allowing them to be used for temperature measurement in wet or humid environments.

Automatic calibration: This feature allows the thermometer to self-calibrate, ensuring that temperature measurements remain accurate over time.

GLP data: Some models of the Hanna thermometer may have a GLP data feature, which allows users to record important information about the temperature measurements they take, such as the date and time of measurement and any relevant notes.

Logging: Some models of the Hanna thermometer comprise a logging feature, which allows users to record a series of temperature measurements over time.

PC connectivity: Some models of the Hanna thermometer contain a USB port or other connectivity features that allow users to connect the thermometer to a computer, enabling them to download and analyze temperature data.

Automatic shut-off: This feature automatically shuts off the thermometer after a certain period of inactivity, helping to conserve battery life.

Stability indicator: Some models of the Hanna thermometer have a stability indicator, which alerts users when the thermometer has stabilized and is ready for use.

Battery % level: This feature displays the remaining battery life of the thermometer, allowing users to ensure sufficient battery power for their temperature measurement needs.

Temperature display: The temperature display of the Hanna thermometer shows the current temperature measurement in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, depending on the model. Some models may also display other relevant information, such as the minimum and maximum temperature readings.


In conclusion, the Hanna thermometer at Chemstock is a versatile and reliable tool for temperature measurement, with a range of models and features to meet specific measurement needs. As a result, the Hanna thermometer is a popular choice among professionals in various fields, such as food and beverage production, pharmaceuticals, environmental science, and more. Moreover, it is the perfect device with waterproofing, automatic calibration, GLP data, logging, PC connectivity, battery % level, and more. So, get an all-in-one thermometer for precise temperature measurement and data recording at Chemstock.

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How do I download data from my Hanna thermometer to my computer?

Many models of Hanna thermometers have PC connectivity features, such as a USB port or Bluetooth connectivity. To download data, connect the thermometer to your computer and follow the instructions provided in the user manual or software.

Are Hanna thermometers waterproof?

Some models of Hanna thermometers are waterproof, while others are not. Therefore, it is important to check the specifications of the specific model to determine if it is suitable for use in wet or humid environments.

Can Hanna thermometers be used to measure air temperature?

Yes, some models of Hanna thermometers are suitable for measuring the air temperature. These models typically have a thin, flexible probe that can be inserted into tight spaces.

Are Hanna thermometers suitable for use in food and beverage production?

Hanna thermometers are commonly used in the food and beverage industry due to their unique features.

What is the measuring range of Hanna thermometers?

The measuring range of Hanna thermometers can vary depending on the model, but most models have a range of -50°C to 150°C or -58°F to 302°F.

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