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Chemstock’s Pharmaceutical Refrigerators: A Prescription for Precision

Banner image 5 Chemstocks Pharmaceutical Refrigerators A Prescription for Precision

Safe and effective medication and vaccinations can only be stored in Pharmaceutical Refrigerators. Product deterioration, diminished efficacy, and patient injury can result from inadequate storage conditions. Because of the need to keep temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals stable and safe, Pharmaceutical Refrigerators are essential in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

Regarding pharmaceutical refrigeration, Chemstock is the go-to brand for the reliable long-term storage of temperature-sensitive medications. The exacting standards of the medical and pharmaceutical fields were considered in developing our whole line of Pharmaceutical Refrigerators. Healthcare and academic organizations alike have come to rely on Chemstock’s cutting-edge pharmaceutical refrigeration solutions because of our impeccable reputation. Chemstock is the gold standard in the field of pharmaceutical refrigeration due to its dedication to preserving medications in their ideal temperature range and preventing their spoilage.

What are Pharmaceutical Refrigerators?

Pharmaceutical Refrigerators are specialized refrigeration units that store and preserve temperature-sensitive medications, vaccines, and biological materials under controlled conditions. These refrigerators have precise temperature monitoring and regulation systems, ensuring that pharmaceuticals remain within the required temperature range to maintain their potency and efficacy. With features such as temperature alarms, backup power systems, and secure access controls, pharmaceutical refrigerators play a critical role in safeguarding the integrity of life-saving drugs and vaccines, making them essential tools in healthcare facilities and research laboratories worldwide.

Our Pharmaceutical Refrigerator Specifications

Capacity (L): 395
Internal Size (WDH)mm: 580*533*1352
External Size (WDH)mm: 650*673*1992
Package Size (WDH)mm: 717*732*2065
NW/GW (Kgs): 95/120
Temperature Range: 2~8℃
Ambient Temperature: 16~32℃
Climate Class: N
Controller: Microprocessor
Display: Digital display
Compressor: 1pc
Defrost Mode: Automatic
Refrigerant: R600a
Inner Material: HIPS
Shelves: 6+1 (coated steel wired shelf)
Door Lock with Key: Yes
Access Port: 1pc, Ø 25 mm
Casters: 4+ (2 leveling feet)
Data Logging/Interval/Recording Time: USB/Record every 10 minutes/2 years
Door with Heater: Yes

Why Choose Us?

Chemstock is committed to delivering state-of-the-art pharmaceutical refrigeration solutions with impeccable temperature control and reliability. Our Pharmaceutical Refrigerators have advanced microprocessor controllers, digital displays, and automatic defrost systems to ensure precise temperature management. Our units offer efficient pharmaceutical storage with a wide range of shelves and a substantial capacity.

Our pharmaceutical refrigerators are designed to comply with the most stringent industry standards, providing peace of mind from knowing your pharmaceuticals are safeguarded under the most optimal conditions.

Contact us today to discuss your pharmaceutical refrigeration needs. With Chemstock, your pharmaceuticals are in the most capable hands. Trust us to provide you with the cutting-edge refrigeration solutions your valuable assets deserve.

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What are the key features to look for in a pharmaceutical refrigerator?

Important features include temperature control accuracy, digital monitoring, automatic defrost, access ports for monitoring devices, and reliable door locks.

How often should pharmaceutical refrigerators be calibrated and maintained?

Regular calibration and maintenance are necessary to ensure precise temperature control. The frequency may vary, but the manufacturer typically recommends it.

What is the role of data logging in pharmaceutical refrigeration?

Data logging records temperature variations and helps monitor and document the conditions within the refrigerator for compliance and quality control.

Can pharmaceutical refrigerators operate with backup power sources during outages?

Yes, our pharmaceutical refrigerators are equipped to operate with backup power sources during outages.

How can I select a reputable provider for pharmaceutical refrigerators?

Choosing a reliable provider involves researching their reputation, product offerings, compliance with standards, and after-sales support. Partnering with a trusted supplier for your pharmaceutical refrigeration needs is essential.

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