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Chemstock recognizes that one of the prime concerns in the chemical industry is the storage and transportation of chemical materials in safe conditions. It is no secret that laboratory, as well as industrial chemicals, can be highly hazardous, and any lapse in the proper storage of such materials can result in a massive loss of life and property. Also, chemicals may be found in solid, liquid as well as gaseous forms; each type of industrial chemical has its own risks which must be carefully considered when storing and moving such materials.

Further, without proper storage procedures and the necessary equipment, certain chemical products stand to lose their efficacy. As such, the storage and logistics of chemicals and chemical products become a matter of deep concern for businesses that operate in this niche.

Chemstock, LLC, offers complete warehousing and logistics solutions that cover the entire gamut of operations, ranging from handling, storage, and transportation of chemicals and associated equipment. With over three decades of experience operating in the U.A.E, India, China, and Saudi Arabia, we have been able to gather an intensive knowledge of the local markets and support systems that enable us to provide our customers with some of the best storage and logistics facilities in the world. Our storage and logistics wing has all the required facilities to take the hassle out of our customer’s hands, thus allowing them to focus on their core business functionalities.

The following details some of the salient features of our storage and logistics facilities.

One of the prime features of our warehousing and logistics unit is our state-of-the-art warehousing. Sprawling over an area of 60,000 square feet, this storage facility offers all the necessary requirements to store chemical products safely and for any required duration. With such a large space at our disposal, we are ready to store a sizeable amount of product at any given point of time.

Chemical products are reactive, and often many behave in a volatile manner if exposed. Being experienced in all facets of handling chemicals, we understand the need for placing solid barriers between our stored products and the external environment. Our warehouse facility is thoroughly insulated to ensure that the outside elements do not interfere with the materials stored inside the warehouse in any way. This helps to ensure the integrity of the chemicals in question, while also protecting the surroundings from any probable risk.

One of the greatest threats to any chemical storage unit is from fire. Accidents happen, and even a small spark or flame can spell disastrous consequences for any place where chemical products are stored. To protect against such risks we employ state-of-the-art UL/FM Foam based Fire Protection System. Our response teams are always on alert so that at the first signs of danger the risk factor is handled swiftly and efficiently to guarantee that no damage occurs to human life as well as property. As always, safety remains one of our prime concerns.

To protect against accidental spills our entire warehouse is fitted with chemical resistant Epoxy coated flooring. This helps to mitigate damage in the rare case that some spillage does occur, and also helps to facilitate the cleanup process.

With such advanced storage units and an efficient transportation network, our customers rely on us completely to take care of all their warehousing and logistics needs. At Chemstock, we have made efficient and speedy execution a habit and strive every moment to provide the very best of service to our local as well as overseas clients.

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