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Who We Are

Chemstock, is one of the leading names in the chemical industry. As with all things new, we began our humble operation in 1988 from Dammam in Saudi Arabia. Since then, we have grown steadily and confidently to expand our business into new territories. With offices in diverse locations such as U.A.E, China and India, we are a global firm with expertise and over three long decades of experience in supplying reputed clients spread across a range of different industries such as ceramics, paint products, iron and steel, and even construction.

Chemstock is committed to serving its clients with the utmost levels of competence and efficiency. With a long experience of working in the chemical products industry, our dedicated teams of engineers are always ready to help you solve all your sourcing problems, be they related to chemicals or laboratory equipment.

A pioneer in the chemical industry, Chemstock holds the distinction of being one of the few companies that have been able to develop excellent expertise in all aspects of the chemical trade such as laboratory chemical supply, Laboratory Equipment and furnishings, industrial chemicals and even logistics and warehousing of chemical products. With such a varied range of services and products, Chemstock stands out as a premier chemical company in the Middle East and beyond.

What We Do

Chemstock offers the following services and products that cater to the needs of the chemical industry:

Chemstock is one of the leading suppliers of laboratory chemicals. Our products include laboratory reagents and solutions, LC-MS/ULC-MS Solvents, culture media, AAS/ICP standard solutions and other chemicals for research and specialty purposes. We encourage our customers to procure only the highest quality chemicals and laboratory needful through us, thereby maintaining the quality of their own operation.

Chemstock also has expertise in the area of glassware and laboratory consumables. Right from laboratory bottles and test-tubes to Dean and Stark apparatus, Chemstock does it all under one roof. Some of the other equipment that we supply are volumetric flasks, graduated cylinders, pipettes, and burettes, weighing accessories and crucibles, Erlenmeyer Flasks and even Kjeldahl apparatus. With Chemstock, you only get the best of equipment that ensures safety in the laboratory without compromising on the high quality of work that needs to be performed in a lab setting.

Even when it comes to laboratory equipment Chemstock is one of the leading names. Our laboratory devices and precision instruments are made with the greatest care to ensure the exact operation and precise output. Proper equipment is one of the prime necessities in the chemical laboratory; at Chemstock, we recognize this concern and ensure that our devices are of the highest order.

Apart from laboratory equipment Chemstock is also prepared to help you furnish your laboratory with the state-of-the-art facilities. From Fume Cupboards, Laboratory Chairs to Gas distribution systems, Chemstock does it all.

Chemstock also works with clients from industries such as Mining, Plastics, Printing and many more to supply high-quality industrial chemicals. With fully equipped warehouses and logistics branches, we are always ready to serve your every need.

At Chemstock, our mission is to better our today’s performance over yesterday and serve our customers with integrity and commitment. With a drive to achieve nothing less than perfection and a belief that our creed is to be the best in the industry, Chemstock strives every moment to deliver a holistic experience to all stakeholders associated with us.

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