Soda Ash

Soda ash, also referred to as sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), essentially is an alkali chemical that is refined from the mineral trona or naturally occurring sodium carbonate-bearing brines. It is anhydrous, white, granular or powdered material. Soda Ash Chemical Product in Dubai is commonly purchased to be used as a raw material for the manufacturing of detergent chemicals, glass and a variety of other industrial products. Chemstock is among the top soda ash suppliers in UAE, and hence you can place your trust on us to provide you with top-grade sodium carbonate.

Soda ash can be purchased in three grades from the top Suppliers of Soda Ash in UAE , which are medium, light and dense. All these grades have the same chemical properties, but tend to differ in physical characteristics, such as their shape, particle size and bulk density. These differences affect the angle of repose and flow characteristics.

Dense soda ash is an anhydrous substance, and forms an important industrial chemical. It is used in the manufacturing of several products. On the other hand, the light soda ash offered by UAE Soda Ash Suppliers is typically used as a pH regulator/ buffering agent in several industrial processes.

How is soda ash manufactured?

Typically, a series of refining steps are used by UAE Soda Ash Manufacturers for the purpose of producing soda ash from trona ore. The raw ore from the mine is firstly crushed and screened, and then the material is fed to rotary calciners to be heated. In this process, the trone ends up getting decomposed to form soda ash, which subsequently dissolves in water. The insoluble shales are separated from the solution through a combination of siltation steps and settings, and ultimately the resulting insoluble tailings are taken back into the mine as backfill.

The soda ash solution then is treated to remove organic materials, thereby yielding a high-purity saturated solution of sodium carbonate. Ultimately, the solution is fed to crystallizers, where the water gets evaporated and the sodium carbonate monohydrate crystals are formed. Manufacturers and soda ash suppliers in UAE typically use the ‘mono-process’ for this stage. Here the crystals get dewatered and washed with the usage of centrifuges and cyclones. The resultant solution is recycled to the evaporator units for the further recovery of soda ash. The monohydrate crystals are ultimately fed to rotary kilns where they tend to be dried to finished soda ash. Ultimately, the product is screened and sent to storage silos awaiting the rail and truck load out.

Applications of Soda Ash

  • Soda Ash Chemical Product in Dubai is a highly soluble substance and therefore is used for diverse chemical reactions. It is largely used as an ingredient in the manufacturing of fertilizers, synthetic detergents, coloring agents and dyes. It also is among the most vital chemical agents used in the petroleum and enameling industries.
  • Soda ash is gradually replacing the phosphates that were originally used for manufacturing several household detergents.
  • Sodium carbonate offered by major soda ash suppliers in UAE is often used to remove or de-clarify phosphates and sulfurs from a number of ferrous and non-ferrous ores. It also is used for the purpose of recycling of aluminum and zinc.
  • As Soda ash helps in reducing the melting point of silica, it is an important ingredient in the glass manufacturing process.
  • Soda ash is used as a wetting agent in the brick industry.

Chemstock: A leading Soda Ash Supplier In UAE

Chemstock is among the most reliable and well-established soda ash suppliers in UAE. We offer both light and dense variants of sodium carbonate. Chemstock maintains an expansive network of manufacturing plants and sales offices, which allows us to competently cater to clients across UAE, and beyond. We maintain a thorough packaging and shipping process to make sure that our goods reach your doorstep in the perfect condition. Our stringent quality standards and impeccable logistics networks makes us one of the Top Suppliers of Soda Ash in UAE.


Where can I find Chemstock offices?

You can find our own offices in UAE, India and China.

What type of chemicals can I buy through Chemstock?

Chemstock is among the prime Chemicals Suppliers in UAE.  We cover an expansive range of industrial and laboratory chemicals. You can find further details about them on our website.

How can I buy Soda Ash Chemical Products in Dubai through Chemstock?

You can easily make your purchase through our website by just following a few simple steps. In case you come across any problem, then you may give us a call any time.

By what time are the Chemstock products delivered?

As one of the most prominent UAE Soda Ash Suppliers, we always try to make our deliveries as fast as possible. However, the time our products take to reach you will largely depend on your location.

Do the chemicals offered by Chemstock go through a quality check process?

Yes. All the chemicals and other products we offer go through quite an extensive quality check to make sure that it meets the required industry standards.

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