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Chemstock: Your Reliable Partner for SLES 70 Suppliers in UAE – Delivering Excellence in Service and Quality

Suppliers in UAE Delivering Excellence in Service and Quality

Welcome to Chemstock, your go-to SLES 70 suppliers in UAE. SLES 70 is a popular surfactant used in many different industries, and we are proud to be a top provider of it because of our dedication to providing superior customer service and high-quality products. Chemstock recognizes the importance of SLES in a wide variety of goods, including household cleaners, laundry detergents, and personal care items. We are committed to being a supplier you can count on, so you can be assured that your orders will be fulfilled quickly and accurately and that you’ll be satisfied with the product. Join us today and gain access to the finest SLES 70 goods as well as unmatched customer service.

Description of SLES

SLES is a high-performance anionic surfactant. In addition to its great biodegradability and low skin and eye irritation, it is effective at cleaning, emulsifying, wetting, densifying, and foaming. Dishwashing liquid, shampoo, bubble bath, hand cleaner, etc., all use it. SLES can also be found in heavy-duty detergents and washing powders. By substituting SLES for LAS, both phosphate and the overall dosage of active matter can be conserved. It is used as a lubricant, dyeing agent, cleaner, foaming agent, and degreasing agent in the textile, dyeing and printing, oil and leather industries.

Appearance (25Ċ) Transparent or white sticky paste
Active substance % 68-72
Odor No Strange Odors
PH value (25ÄŠ, 2% sol) 7.0-9.5
Unsulfated matter(%) Max.2.0
Sodium sulfate(%) Max.1.0
Color (Klett, 5%Am.aq.sol) Max.10

Handling and Storage for SLES

Store in a clean, dry area away from sunlight and heat. The recommended storage temperature is 20 – 35oCs. Keep drums tightly closed. In the original sealed drums and kept in recommended storage conditions, the product can be stowed for at least 3 year. Spills should be contained or collected and disposed of as per regulations. Keep away from ingestion and contact with eyes, skin and clothing. In case of contact with eyes and skin, seek adequate and timely medical attention. Stacking should be a maximum of 1+1 carboys.

Why Choose Chemstock as the Best SLES 70 Suppliers in UAE?

First and foremost, quality is Chemstock’s top priority. We only get Sodium Laureth Sulfate 70 from reputable factories with rigorous quality control procedures. We test each product to rigorous industry criteria for your peace of mind.

Years of experience in the chemical sector have allowed Chemstock to build strong relationships with a wide variety of suppliers and business partners. Because of this, we can provide a wide variety of chemical options to meet your needs.

We offer competitive prices since we know that cost is a consideration when selecting a vendor. Chemstock’s goal is to provide affordable options without sacrificing quality. Because of the trust we’ve built with our suppliers, we’ve been able to negotiate conditions to our clients’ benefit.

Fourth, unrivalled attention to each customer: Here at Chemstock, your satisfaction is our top priority. If you have any questions about our products, need help with a technical issue, or want your order processed quickly, our team is here to help. Our goal is to build dependable, trustworthy partnerships that last for years to come.

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Can I buy SLES 70 from UAE providers in a variety of container sizes?

Most UAE-based distributors of SLES 70 do, in fact, stock the product in a variety of container sizes to meet the needs of their clientele. Barrel, drum and intermediate bulk container (IBC)are all common packing alternatives.

To what extent do UAE-based SLES 70 vendors offer technical assistance and documentation?

Many UAE-based distributors of SLES 70 provide their clients with access to technical assistance and literature detailing the product’s features, safe usage, and care instructions. For added peace of mind, they can also supply certificates of analysis (CoA) and safety data sheets (SDS).

How can I evaluate the reliability and cost of SLES 70 from several vendors in the UAE?

Request samples of SLES 70 from many UAE providers, test them according to your specifications, and then compare their prices and quality. In addition, shopping around for quotations from several vendors allows you to compare costs and maybe lower the final price.

What kinds of certifications and rules must SLES 70 vendors in the UAE follow?

Yes, SLES 70 distributors in the UAE must follow all laws and industry guidelines pertaining to the storage, transport, and distribution of chemicals. In addition, they might hold credentials like ISO or GMP or even product-specific credentials.

How much of a wait time should I expect when placing an order with a UAE supplier for an SLES 70?

The amount ordered and the supplier’s stock level will determine how long an order for SLES 70 will take to arrive. Inquiring about the lead time at the initial conversation with the provider is recommended.

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