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Refillable Double Junction pH Electrode with BNC Connector - HI1043B

743 AED
The HI1043B is a glass body, refillable, double junction pH electrode with a BNC connector. This electrode has a single ceramic junction in the outer reference cell and the pH sensing portion is made with high temperature glass. This design consideration is ideal for hydrocarbons, paints, solvents, high conductivity samples, strong acids and bases, and for measuring samples at elevated temperatures.
  • Refillable Electrode
  • Double Junction Design
  • High Temperature Glass
743 AED

Fluoride Combination Ion-Selective Electrode (ISE) - HI4110

2,694 AED
The HI4110 is a solid state, combination ion-selective electrode (ISE) for the determination of fluoride (F-) in solution. The lanthanum fluoride crystal membrane produces a potential change due to the fluoride ion exchange between the membrane and the sample. The internal sensing elements are housed within a durable body, composed of a mixture of polyetherimide (PEI) and epoxy.The HI4110 is ideal for a variety of applications in drinking water treatment, environmental monitoring, and plating baths.
  • Solid state sensor
  • Skirted cone geometry
  • Detection from 0.02 mg/L to saturated F-
2,694 AED

Glass Body Calomel Reference Electrode - HI5412

503 AED
The HI5412 is a glass body, refillable, double junction, half-cell reference electrode with a 4 mm banana connector. This electrode has a single ceramic junction in the outer reference cell and calomel references.This design consideration is made for for use with ion selective electrodes, titrations, and general purpose applications in temperatures ranging from -5 to 60℃.Half-Cell ElectrodeCalomel ReferencesSingle Ceramic Junction
503 AED
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