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Purchase Nitric Acid from Chemstock: A Leading Nitric Acid Supplier in UAE

Nitric Acid is commonly known as ā€œaqua fortisā€ or ā€œspirit of nitreā€. The molecular formula for nitric acid is HNO3. Itā€™s a powerful oxidiser as well as a corrosive mineral acid.

Nitric acid is a part of the inorganic acids group. When pure, this acid is a colourless fuming liquid that becomes yellow when nitrogen oxides gather. Nitric acid is a potent oxidising agent that is soluble in water. It forms nitrate salts when it interacts with metals, oxides, and hydroxides. Nitric acid which is commercially accessible by several nitric acid suppliers in UAE, is concentrated up to 68% by weight. This equates to 68 grammes of nitric acid dissolved in 100 millilitres of water.

How Chemstock Manufactures Nitric Acid

Nitric acid suppliers in UAE source their products from ethical and reputed manufacturers who use the latest technology and the most efficient production processes. Suppliers sell acid complying will all the legal regulations in the UAE regarding customer identity verification, purpose declaration, price, packaging, and quantity.

A reliable supplier understands the chemistry and properties of nitric acid and can explain the same to buyers and advise them on application, reactions, safety, and storage. This expertise testifies to the supplierā€™s credibility and demonstrates a sense of responsibility to the end-users.

Nitric Acidā€™s Potential Applications

Chemstockā€™s HNO3 has a wide range of applications in a wide range of settings.

1. Fertilisers

Perhaps one of the most common applications of nitric acid in UAE is as a vital chemical utilised in the manufacture of several kinds of fertilisers.

Nitrogen is one of the most important nutrients for plants. Because nitrogen is so important in plant physiology, plants require an excessive quantity of it in comparison to other elements. As a result, nitrogenous fertilisers are critical to agriculture and farming. Nitrogenous fertilisers, such as calcium nitrate and ammonium nitrate, are one of the most common types of fertilisers. Chemstockā€™s nitric acid will help create these products.

2. As an Oxidant

Because nitric acid is a powerful oxidising agent, it is used as an oxidant.

Adipic acid, which is a precursor to the polymer nylon, is created on a large scale by nitric acid oxidation of KA oil, which is a combination of cyclohexanone and cyclohexanol. The role of nitric acid, in this case, is to oxidise the oil and produce adipic acid.

3. Everyday Use

Because of its tremendous corrosive strength and detrimental effects on human tissue, nitric acid in UAE is seldom employed in everyday use. Instead, nitric-acid-derived items such as numerous medications, cleaners, and garden fertilisers are utilised regularly in many homes.

Nitric acid is used as a laboratory classroom reagent. Diluted nitric acid is used in woodworking and carpentry to provide an aged look for maple and pine wood logs. Nitric acid is also used in the colourimetric test, which is used to detect various alkaloids.

4. Medical Use

Through a process known as potentisation, Chemstock uses HNO3 to make homoeopathic medications. There are medications available to treat sore throat and tonsillitis, as well as mouth ulcers, piles, and skin problems.

5. Industrial Use

Chemstock uses nitric acid to make a variety of industrial goods such as nitrate salts, dyes, coal tar compounds, and numerous pharmaceuticals.

6. Precursor to Nitro Organic Compounds

We use nitric acid to nitrate a variety of chemical molecules. The nitro group is an extremely flexible functional group that is used to make several explosives, including TNT. A combination of nitric acid and sulphuric acid is used to introduce this group to aromatic molecules.

The Best Nitric Acid Suppliers in UAE

Chemstock is a well-known name in the chemical business and one of the leading nitric acid suppliers in the UAE. It is the Middle Eastā€™s major supplier of nitric acid. Chemstock offers a complete line of laboratory reagents and solutions, as well as additional chemicals for research and speciality applications. It takes pleasure in continually offering high-quality items at the lowest possible rates.


How safe is nitric acid?

Nitric acid is a very corrosive chemical that can inflict irreversible damage to the skin. Nitric acid exposure can induce eye, skin, and mucous membrane irritation. It should be handled with competent supervision.

How much nitric acid is produced annually?

Nitric acid is an important chemical in a variety of industries. Annually, 60 million tonnes are produced, with 80% going into nitrate manufacturing for fertilisers and explosives.

Is nitric acid a combustible substance?

Although nitric acid is not flammable, it is a strong oxidiser that encourages the combustion of other compounds.

What is concentrated nitric acid?

What we call ā€˜concentrated nitric acidā€™ is a solution of 68% HNO3 in water that is generally light yellow due to photochemical breakdown that produces NO2.

How should nitric acid be stored?

Nitric acid is difficult to store securely due to its wide spectrum of incompatible compounds. Nitric acid should ideally be stored in its own acid cabinet. When faced with issues regarding space, the recommended storage location would be alongside other inorganic acids and within secondary containment.

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