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Purchase LABSA in UAE from Chemstock- The top-quality LABSA suppliers in UAE:

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Manufacturing Industries crave the best quality index chemicals with safe packaging and quick delivery of raw materials. The industries like textile, petrochemical, dyeing agents, paint, ceramics, and petrochemical industries especially require a large spectrum of LABSA 96 chemicals and equipment to manufacture goods that sustain the necessities of the global market.

The ISO-certified ABSA suppliers in UAEChemstock, is a chemical provider of top-notch industrial chemicals to customers in the mining, plastics, printing, and other industries. Our well-stocked warehouses and logistical branches are constantly prepared to meet your needs. One must head to the Chemstock stores to find the best quality chemicals, like LABSA in UAE.

Know more about LABSA suppliers in UAE and their product specifications:

LABSA 96 is the biodegradable alternative to nonlinear alkyl benzene sulfonate (BAS). Linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS) has replaced BAS in household detergents worldwide. It is a widely used anionic surfactant with a high biodegradability of over 90%. It is a primary ingredient in detergents and is noted for its detergency, foam, moisture, emulsion, and dispersing properties.

To ensure the safety and security of chemical transportation, export and import shipping of hazardous chemicals, the LABSA suppliers in UAE provide the product details. The details include ingredient information, physical properties, chemical properties, stability, and shelf life details.

Ingredient Information:

  • Chemical Name: Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid
  • Intermediary for the manufacture of detergent.
  • Chemical Formula: C6H4(SO3H)(CS2)10CS3
  • NUMBER OF CAS: 27176-87-0
  • Name of the hazardous impurities: Sulfuric Acid
  • PERCENTAGE: 4-7% at most
  • CAS No. : 7664-93-9
  • SYMBOL: R-R 35 R-Corrosive R Phrases

Physical Properties:

  • Category Classification- Anionic Surfactant
  • Melting point- 10 °C (50 °F, 283.15 °K)
  • Boiling point- > 440 °F at 760 mmHg (USCG, 1999)
  • Appearance-Brown liquid
  • Solubility – Water, alcohols, glycols, ethers, esters, ketones, aromatic hydrocarbons, and aliphatic hydrocarbons.

Chemical Properties:

  • Active matter content- ≥96.0%
  • Inorganic acid- ≤1.5%
  • Free oil- ≤2.0%
  • Color (Klett)- ≤50%
  • Average molecular weight- 321±4
  • Acid value-180 – 190

Stability and Shelf Life:

  • Stability- Stable under ordinary conditions
  • Storage- stored in a dry and cool place.
  • Shelf Life/Retest- 24 months

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Ensure these safety measures and guidelines given by LABSA suppliers in UAE:

The below guidance and hazard measures are to be followed in case of an encounter with chemicals like LABSA 96. It includes various guidelines based on categories of danger. They include:

  • Safeguarding Information

If consumed, it is harmful and causes burns on the skin when used carefreely.

  • First Aid- techniques

General: Take off the contaminated garments immediately after contact with the Chemical. Use water to rinse the contaminated area.

Skin: Immediately wash your skin with soap and water. In case of experiencing pain, get medical treatment.

Eyes: Lift your eyelids and immediately cleanse your eyes with lots of water. Rinse for at least 15 minutes more. Receive medical care in case of severity.

  • Fire Hazards

Putting out a fire: This substance is flammable. Therefore, the fire can be put out using foam, carbon dioxide, water spray, and other methods. Carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), and sulphurous gases as they are combustion products (SOx).

Fire protection measures: Cool the packing down. Wear self-contained breathing equipment in case of fire.

  • Storage and Handling

Use caution to prevent spills. Avoid making eye or skin contact.

Storage safety advice: Keep jars firmly closed. Store between -40 and +60 at a comfortable temperature.

  • Personal Protection / Exposure Control

If there is a possibility of direct contact or splash, protective gloves should be worn. Wear authorised chemical safety goggles when the eyes are exposed directly.

Buy the chemicals from authorised Industrial and laboratory Chemicals distributor- Chemstock:

Raise your quotation on our table. Chemstock allows you to choose the chemicals, equipment, laboratory apparatus, and other services for manufacturing industries. The leading LABSA supplier in UAE holds transparent merchant-consumer engagement. To Buy and Shop authentic LABSA in UAE, visit the Chemstock store in Dubai. They provide ISO-certified chemicals like LABSA in UAE and across the world.

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What are the solubility conditions of LABSA?

The solubility of LABSA includes water, alcohols, glycols, glycol ethers, and aliphatic hydrocarbons.

Is the chemical LABSA 96 biodegradable?

Yes. The chemical LABSA 96 is biodegradable as it is the formative agent for many liquid soaps, detergents, detergent powders, and other cleaning substances.

What is the melting point of LABSA 96?

10-degree celsius is the melting point of LABSA 96.

What is the boiling point of LABSA 96?

The boiling point of LABSA 96 is higher than 440 °F at 760 mmHg.

What are the cautions to be taken while using LABSA?

Some of the major caution listed by LABSA Suppliers in UAE is to avoid making eye or skin contact and to maintain storage safety between -40 and +60 at a comfortable temperature. For more caution details of the LABSA in UAE, visit Chemstock caution guidelines.

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