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Most trusted Laboratory Chemicals Suppliers in Dubai: A leading merchant of LABSA suppliers:

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Numerous industries have a strict necessity for pure, high-quality substances. LABSA 96 is one of the major components for the manufacturing industries of liquid soaps, detergents, textile, and dyeing industries. To equip the manufacturers with better LABSA chemical quality products, the best-trusted agents of LABSA suppliers in Dubai are at the rescue.

At Chemstock , we strive to fulfil the needs of LABSA suppliers and many more. We are best known for offering the highest calibre chemicals in export-grade packaging and guaranteeing fast delivery. We are aware that our clients require chemicals to arrive at their doorstep promptly and safely. So, we promise our trust and safety through Chemstock services.

Bestow your trust in Chemstock!

We have been a part of this sector for thirty years and have earned a reputation as one of the most reputable LABSA suppliers in Dubai and industrial chemicals dealers. Our customer service is the important aspect that makes Chemstock the most dependable among the LABSA suppliers in Dubai.

The major factors that drive our customers to trust us are:

  • Our fastest delivery.
  • High-quality packaging
  • ISO-certified licence.
  • Trust-worthy staff.
  • 24/7 reachable customer service.
  • Consistent supply chain relationship.
  • Best prices.
  • Product specifications

LABSA 96 specifications:

While buying the LABSA 96 chemical from LABSA suppliers, one must check the below product specifications. Chemstock provides the below specifications among the top most-reliable LABSA suppliers in Dubai:


ITEM- Standard

Appearance – brown sticky liquid

Temperature- 25°C

Active Matter – ≥96%

Free oil-≤ 2.0 %

Sulphate – 1.5%

Colour – ≤ 50 (5% Am. Aq. Sol.)Klett

Water content – < 1.0 %

PH – 2.0~3.0

Avail quick doorstep delivery of various industrial chemicals, laboratory chemicals and instruments:

Get faster delivery of chemical supplies, laboratory equipment, solutions, apparatus, and storage facilities from Chemstock. Industries that produce detergents and textile products require ample LABSA chemicals. To suffice these needs, we at Chemstock strive to deliver and provide LABSA chemicals at your doorstep.

Chemstock one of the prominent LABSA suppliers in Dubai, delivers a wide range of services and laboratory equipment across UAE and other global chemical industries. Apart from product distribution and chemical ingredient assistance, the LABSA suppliers in Dubai provide the following services:

Our services are broadly classified into the following categories:

  1. Product types:
    • Industrial Chemicals
    • Laboratory Chemicals and Reagents
    • Laboratory Glassware
    • Hanna Instruments
    • Laboratory Equipment
    • Filter Paper
    • Pharmaceutical Refrigerator and Freezer
  2. Logistics and warehousing services:
    • 60,000 square feet of expansive storage space
    • Solvent and corrosive chemical filling and repacking stations
    • Civil Defense approval to store more than 500 chemicals
    • Dubai Police and Municipality, MOH approval to sell restricted chemicals
    • Temperature-controlled storage area
    • Solutions for Logistics
    • Clearance of all DG and non-DG cargo at customs in the UAE
    • Container stuffing
    • Palletization and de-stuffing
    • Rental chemical storage
    • Shipments by sea, land, and air, alongside logistics

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Does Chemstock provide logistics and shipping services over international borders?

Yes. Chemstock serves over 700+ customers across the globe and does offer shipping and logistics to international clients.

Where is Chemstock's main headquarters?

Chemstock’s main headquarters are in Dubai, UAE. They are also functioning in China and India branches. Apart from these, they offer services worldwide to different industries. To know more about us, read here. 

What is the role of LABSA 96 in the textile industry?

In the textile business, it serves as a merchandising and washing agent. To buy LABSA from leading LABSA suppliers, check out Chemstock stores.

What should one remember when buying LABSA 96 from its Labsa suppliers in Dubai?

The LABSA specifications are vital before purchasing the chemical. The following specifications are essential to the buyer before ordering and receiving the same parcel. It includes item category, appearance, temperature, percentages of active Matter, free oil, water content and sulphate, PH value, and colour in Klett.

Which are the places Chemstock offers its LABSA supplies in Dubai?

We serve customers worldwide as we are international LABSA suppliers. Particularly in Dubai, we are delivering goods to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah with our fleet of trucks. To enquire about shipping and bookings, contact us.

Industrial Chemicals and Equipment

Supplier of industrial grade chemicals for a wide range of Industries.

Laboratory Chemicals

Exclusive distributor and stockist for SD Fine Chem in UAE and Oman.

Laboratory Equipments

Supplier of high quality laboratory equipment for industries, educational and research purposes.

Laboratory Furnishing and Turnkey Solutions

We provide turnkey solutions for your laboratory furnishing requirements with a superior quality of finishing.

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Stockist for glassware and lab consumables Including test-tubes, lab bottles and specialized equipments.

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Expertise in warehousing, logistics and custom clearance for hazardous chemicals.

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