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Looking for the chemical LABSA 96 in UAE? Close the deal with the best LABSA 96 suppliers in UAE:

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Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic acid, or LABSA, is a group of organic sulphur compounds found in most dishwashing detergents, detergent powder, cleaning powder, washing powders, detergent cakes, liquid soap, soaps, and other products. In most formulations, it is used as a foaming and cleaning agent.

Chemstock has been acknowledged as one of the leading LABSA 96 suppliers in the UAE in terms of top quality at the most competitive market price. They strive to give high-end services in every delivery of product. Therefore, they predominate the industry as leading LABSA 96 suppliers in UAE.

Get the best chemical raw materials from the leading LABSA 96 suppliers in UAE:

Chemstock , a chemical industry pioneer in UAE, offers the best Industrial and Detergent chemicals in the region. They are a global company that has been supplying high-quality chemicals to over 200 customers for over three decades. They have offices in several countries, including the United Arab Emirates, China, and India. They have served clients from various industries, including construction, paint products, ceramics, iron, and steel.

The benefits of choosing LABSA 96 in UAE from Chemstock include the following considerations:

  • Thirty years of experience in the chemical industry.
  • Ensured product purity
  • Provides transparent and prompt services
  • Customer satisfaction is prioritized.
  • Consistent quality at the most competitive prices
  • Served more than 700 happy customers.
  • Customer inquiries and feedback are ensured.
  • High regard for safety
  • Well-trained staff
  • 100% on quality delivery.
  • Certified and Licensed packing facilities

All-in-one store for lab chemicals like LABSA 96 in UAE:

Chemstock provides a wide selection of products as one of the leading providers of laboratory chemicals in Dubai. They are predominant among the largest LABSA 96 suppliers in UAE. The Chemstock products comprise the following list.

  • Culture medium
  • Laboratory reagents and solutions,
  • AAS/ICP standard solutions
  • LC-MS/ULC-MS Solvents
  • Chemical utilized for specialty and research applications

They endeavor to give the customers only the best-packaged chemicals since they cater to maintaining a high standard of operation at their lab.

Add to Cart the best deals of the LABSA 96 suppliers in UAE:

Chemstock is a top chemical company providing superior products and unmatched customer support. They provide the chemical LABSA 96 in UAE to wider clients from the textile, detergent, and dying industries. They are a dominant supplier of chemicals, laboratory equipment, and other chemical raw materials like LABSA 96 in UAE. The company has seen a rise in figures for LABSA 96 supply during Covid-19.

Therefore, to maintain the trusted customers during Covid, the company promised its clients the utmost trust, security, and measures with its product details, safety, and licensed packaging to over 700 customers. With its impeccable delivery and engagement, Chemstock today stands among the prominent LABSA 96 suppliers in UAE and other chemical industry pioneers.

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What is the use of LABSA 96 in soaps?

Most dishwashing detergents, cleaning powder, washing powders, detergent cakes, liquid soap, soaps, etc., contain sulfonic acid, also known as LABSA, a collection of organic sulphur compounds. In most formulations, it serves as a foaming and cleaning agent.

Are LABSA and acid Slurry the same?

Yes. Acid Slurry is the local name for Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid (LABSA 96).

Is LABSA 96 environment-friendly?

LABSA ranks among the largest synthetic surfactants by volume due to its low cost and superior performance. A stable powder version of LABSA can also be produced by drying it. Therefore, this substance is harmless to the environment and biodegradable.

Does Chemstock have the authority to sell Chemicals like LABSA 96 in UAE?

Yes. Chemstock has the license and sell restricted chemicals including LABSA as per the guidelines by the local government authorities.

Can I order other chemical products from Chemstock?

Yes. Chemstock, while it is a leading provider of LABSAĀ 96 in UAE, it also facilitates different chemical products for industries, laboratories, and manufacturers.Ā 

Industrial Chemicals and Equipment

Supplier of industrial grade chemicals for a wide range of Industries.

Laboratory Chemicals

Exclusive distributor and stockist for SD Fine Chem in UAE and Oman.

Laboratory Equipments

Supplier of high quality laboratory equipment for industries, educational and research purposes.

Laboratory Furnishing and Turnkey Solutions

We provide turnkey solutions for your laboratory furnishing requirements with a superior quality of finishing.

Laboratory Glassware

Stockist for glassware and lab consumables Including test-tubes, lab bottles and specialized equipments.

Chemical Warehousing and Logistics

Expertise in warehousing, logistics and custom clearance for hazardous chemicals.

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