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Chemstock Laboratory Refrigerators in UAE: Precision and Safety for Healthcare

Banner image 3 Chemstock Laboratory Refrigerators in UAE Precision and Safety for Healthcare

The professional Chemstock Laboratory Refrigerators in UAE were designed for use in medical facilities such as hospitals and pharmacies, and they provide precise temperature control to store temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and biological samples safely. Sizes range from 50 liters for occasional usage to 1500 liters for storing pharmaceuticals. Doors can be made of either glass or solid (forming doors). Chemstock’s refrigerants are built to worldwide standards (CE, UL, etc.).

The Range of Their Use

Among the many settings where this device might be useful are hospitals, clinics, health clinics, health centers, pharmacies, and epidemic prevention stations where vaccines are stored. The product keeps biological medications and other items that require cold storage at 2-8 ┬░C.

Design Feature of Laboratory Refrigerators

  • Sandwich glass door with lock design for a single-door
  • Strong, corrosion-proof, Powder coated steel plate material exterior. Aluminum plate with spraying (Optional stainless steel) interior
  • Illumination of the inside for reading purposes
  • Laboratory noise reduction design
  • Powered door closer that shuts itself
  • Enough air movement guarantees duct cooling. Refrigerators use ducting and distribution systems to distribute cooled air evenly throughout the space.
  • Strong PU-coated wire mesh that can be adjusted in size. The system’s roller-mounted shelves can accommodate 20 kg of merchandise each.
  • Multiple alarm system door lock design
  • High and low-temperature alarms and door opening and sensor error alerts are standard.
  • With its four rolling wheels and two adjustable legs, it’s a breeze to move about.
  • This microcontroller-based temperature controller includes an LED temperature display with 0.1 ┬░C precision.
  • Extra-large, high-quality user interface display using LEDs
  • High-temperature alarms, low-temperature alarms, and sensor error alerts are just a few of the many audible and visual alarm functionalities available.
  • The control panel has a digital thermometer, power indicator, and an on/off button.

Enhanced Temperature Control: High-Efficiency Cooling in Lab Refrigerators

Safe for the environment, our Laboratory Refrigerators in UAE utilize a powerful compressor system filled with HCFC-free hydrocarbon refrigerant gas. Has no harmful impacts on the ozone layer and causes no warming of the planet. Improved temperature uniformity and stability may be achieved by the use of refrigeration with a high-quality, high-efficiency cooling fan.

Chemstock: Your One-Stop Destination for Laboratory Chemicals and Equipment

If you’re looking for laboratory chemicals or equipment, including freezers, go as far as Chemstock. We supply a wide variety of chemicals for use in research and other specialized applications, including laboratory reagents and solutions, LC-MS/ULC-MS solvents, culture medium, AAS/ICP standard solutions, and more. To ensure their operations’ continued success, we recommend that our clients purchase only the finest chemicals and laboratory necessities from us.

Glassware and other laboratory supplies are another specialty of Chemstock’s. From test tubes and beakers to Dean and Stark equipment, Chemstock has it. We also carry weighing accessories, crucibles, Erlenmeyer Flasks, and Kjeldahl apparatus in addition to those mentioned above. When you shop with Chemstock, you know you’ll obtain the highest quality lab equipment available without sacrificing any of the safety standards that must be met in a professional laboratory.

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How frequently should laboratory refrigerators undergo preventative maintenance and service?

A laboratory refrigerator’s correct performance and temperature range rely on frequent maintenance and calibration. Maintenance intervals differ depending on how often you use it and what the manufacturer suggests.

Can laboratory refrigerators operate with backup power sources in case of electricity outages?

Our pharmaceutical refrigerators function using backup power sources during power outages.

How should things be handled and stored in laboratory refrigerators?

Material storage and handling in laboratory refrigerators must stick to strict safety and regulatory standards. The “first in, first out” (FIFO) concept, clear labeling, and the separation of materials are common practices in this regard.

Can laboratory refrigerators be utilized in out-of-the-way or rural hospitals?

Off-grid or far-flung communities can make use of some medical freezers since they can be converted to run on renewable energy sources like solar power.

In laboratory refrigerators, what is the average temperature range?

Pharmaceuticals and biological materials are best preserved in a laboratory refrigerator’s temperature range of 2┬░C to 8┬░C.

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