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Filter Papers for the Laboratory and Industry

High-quality filter papers are crucial for both laboratories and industrial applications. Being a Laboratory Chemical Supplier in UAE, we at Chemstock LLC provide you with an expansive range of qualitative and quantitative types of filter paper that you may require for distinguished use cases. No matter your filtration needs, we can be the ideal source for Filter Paper Chemistry Lab.

The success of any laboratory filtration majorly depends on the ideal choice of filter paper. We are an experienced provider of filter papers for laboratory, and hence you can depend on us for delivering the ideal filtration solutions. We also offer varied grades of filtering paper manufactured and engineered to suit industrial applications.

Types of filter paper:

  • Ash-free Filter Papers for Quantitative and Gravimetric Analysis: As top filter paper suppliers, we offer such items that can be used for vacuum filtration, in addition to gravimetric and quantitative analysis. Such quantitative filter paper is made up of 100% cotton liners and washed with acid to help the filtering paper achieve high purity and make them ashless. For gravimetric applications, the cake layer of this lab filter paper is calcines, and their residue is quantified. It is important to ensure that the filter paper does not give off any foreign substances for quantitative analysis of the filtrate to guarantee that no results are falsified. Hence, as one of the leading chemical companies in Dubai, we make sure that the filters are ashless.
  • General Purpose: In addition to being a supplier of industrial chemicals UAE, be also provide general-purpose filter paper meant for diverse industrial use cases. They have high density and thickness that makes them ideal for high-pressure applications. Such laboratory filter papers are also ideal for decolourization and deodorization of gasses or liquids.
  • Glass Fiber Filters: This filter paper is highly resistant to chemical attack and biologically inert. They are unaffected by humidity and can be used up to 500°C for non-binder type. Being a well-established supplier of industrial chemicals and equipment in UAE, we offer glass fiber filters in several grades.
  • Qualitative Papers, Quantitative Papers: Qualitative filter paper is ideally used to determine and identify materials, and they tend to have increased loading capacity. Most of the grades of qualitative filter paper have a fast flow rate, smooth surface, normal and hardness. On the other hand, qualitative filter paper is largely used for gravimetric analysis and environmental monitoring and are available in several grades having distinguished characteristics.
  • Wet Strengthened, High-Purity Filter Papers: Such filtering paper can be used for vacuum and pressure filtration. The cake layer of such filters can be used effortlessly if needed, with the usage of a water jet or spatula.
  • Smooth Filter Papers: Such lab filter paper can be used for a variety of routine analysis, like the determination of substances. They can even be used as discs with a centre hole for distinctive technical applications.
  • Creped Filter Papers: As a major provider of Lab Supplies UAE, we offer creped filter papers that are largely used for rapid filtration precipitates that are relatively coarse. The reason behind this being that its creped structure provides a greater area than smooth filter paper.

Advantages of using Chemstock Filter Paper

  • As an experienced laboratory supplies company, we deliver filter papers having diverse diameters, thicknesses and filtration rates
  • Through us, you can avail a complete line of filter papers for laboratory
  • Complete line of Laboratory Filter Paper products for laboratory applications
  • Filtering paper supplied by us can be used for varying laboratory and industrial use cases
  • Being an experienced provider of chemical laboratory supplies, we know exactly how to ensure optimal customer convenience, and hence each of the filter paper units supplied by us is marked clearly with membrane material and pore size
  • Chemstock has been a prominent supplier of Industrial Chemicals and Equipment in UAE for quite some time, and maintaining our reputation of delivering high-quality solutions; we ensure that the filter papers supplied by us go through a stringent manufacturing process and are of the highest grade available in the market
  • Uniformity, reproducibility and quality are impeccably maintained by lab filter paper supplied by us, as they are produced by using only the best quality raw materials.

Chemstock Filter papers: Helping diverse industries to grow

We supply you with high-grade filter paper needed for a variety of routine work in the laboratory and industrial applications. As well-established filter paper suppliers, our aim is to aid you to solve all your filtration challenges with ease.
There are several industries that require distinguished grades and types of filter papers, right from the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry to the food and beverages sector. Through Chemstock , you can acquire an expansive range of lab filter paper manufactured by the renowned Japan based company, ADVANTEC. They have been delivering filtration and extraction solutions for several decades. Owing to its partnership with ADVANTEC, Chemstock has managed to emerge as a premier Lab filter paper supplier, in addition to being a top chemical company in UAE.

Why choose Chemstock?

As a top Laboratory Supplies Company, you can place your trust in us when it comes to filter paper chemistry lab and more. As one of the top chemical companies in Dubai, we have an unparalleled record of quality product delivery and customer service. As a major Lab filter paper supplier we provide specialized Sterile MCE Membranes for Dispensers, along with an expansive range of filter papers for the lab.

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