Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol 99%, also known as IPA 99%, basically is a clear, flammable liquid. This colorless compound has quite a strong odor. Isopropyl Alcohol UAE is quite cost-effective and is known to be less toxic than methanol. It is widely recognized as a universal solvent. Chemstock is among the premier Isopropyl Alcohol Suppliers in UAE, and offers this chemical for a wide range of applications.

Most amounts of Isopropyl alcohol are made by hydrating propylene. It however, can be catalytically converted from acetone at times. It is considered to be the simplest secondary alcohol.

Industry applications of Isopropyl Alcohol

  • Electronics: Isopropyl alcohol is used as a common cleaner and degreaser of electrical contacts, keypads, cables, fiber optics, connectors, table heads and glass. Today, using water-free IPA has become compulsory for cleaning electronics in several cases to reduce the shock hazard arising due to water.
  • Extractives: Owing to its ability to solubilize non-polar compounds. Isopropyl Alcohol is used frequently to process essential nutraceuticals, flavors and waxes. It additionally is used to extract phospholipids and Omega-3 fatty acids to create high quality triglyceride oil. Isopropyl alcohol might be employed as a co-solvent with ethanol when it comes to extraction and winterization.
  • Coating: Isopropyl Alcohol Chemical is quite commonly used in the coatings industry as a reagent for the production of polymers, and a dispersion agent for downstream. The intermediates that can be made from it include acetone, glycerol and MIBK (methyl isobutyl ketone). They are common precursors for resins and paints.
  • Diluent: Isopropyl Alcohol is an extremely common diluent for resins and paints. It can be thin saturating mixes to hasten penetration of the polymers into the media for impregnating cellulosic or fiberglass substrates with resin. As this chemical ultimately dissolves uncured polymers, people may even use it to wash equipment and tools.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Isopropyl Alcohol is used for the purpose of creating, purifying and analyzing compounds in the medicine manufacturing process. No matter whether it relates to synthesizing amino acids, or polypeptides, it is known to be a protic solvent for several multi-step organic reactions.

Is Isopropyl Alcohol and Isopropanol the same?

Isopropanol and isopropyl alcohol essentially are different names for the same chemical compound. The confusion among these terms stems from mixing two standards for naming chemicals. Conversely, isopropyl alcohol is the most commonly-used name for this chemical.

How is Isopropyl Alcohol manufactured?

As major Isopropyl Alcohol Suppliers, ensures that stringent processes and regulations are followed in the manufacturing process of this chemical. It can be prepared via three diverse methods, which are catalytic hydrogenation of acetone, direct hydration of propylene and indirect hydration of propylene. Each of these processes has their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the direct hydration process is much less corrosive than indirect hydration mediated by sulfuric acid. On the other hand, a dilute, refinery stream can be used in the indirect process, while the direct method requires a pure propylene feed.

In the indirect Isopropyl Alcohol Chemical manufacturing process, propylene tends to be reacted with sulfuric acid for the purpose of producing mono and diisopropyl sulfates. These are ultimately hydrolysed to isopropanol. Separate reactors are used for the hydrolysis of the sulfate esters and the propylene-absorption phase, in the two-step strong-acid process.

Chemstock: The best Isopropyl Alcohol Suppliers in UAE

Chemstock would be the perfect source for purchasing Isopropyl Alcohol UAE. We export our products to several other regions as well. As one of the leading UAE Industrial Alcohol Suppliers, all our products meet the International Standards for use in pharmaceuticals , specialty chemicals, and other critical applications. We maintain extremely strict quality standards, and focus on delivering only the best to our clients.

As a premier Isopropyl Alcohol Supplier in UAE , we sell IPA made from both acetone and propylene. We also offer our customers the assurance of swift deliveries and cost-effective pricing even in times of high demand.


What are the products that Chemstock deals with?

We are among the top UAE Industrial Alcohol Suppliers and specialize in diverse aspects of chemical trade. This includes laboratory chemical supply, Laboratory Equipment and furnishings, as well as industrial chemicals.

What type of chemicals can I purchase through Chemstock?

You can purchase a wide variety of industrial and laboratory chemicals through us. Do know exact details about our product range, you simply have to explore our website.

Can you source chemicals on my behalf?

Yes, we definitely can. Having a long experience of working in the chemical products industry, our dedicated teams of engineers shall always be ready to help you out in all your sourcing problems, both in regards  to chemicals or laboratory equipment.

What are the industries you cater to?

We have been among the major Isopropyl Alcohol Suppliers in UAE  for years, and have a history of catering to clients spanning multiple industries, such as ceramics, paint products, iron and steel, and construction.

By how many days can I expect to receive my order after making a purchase of Isopropyl Alcohol Chemical through Chemstock?

We at Chemstock always focus on getting your orders delivered as fast as possible. However, the exact number of days it might take shall depend on your location and order size.

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