Hydrogen Peroxide Suppliers in UAE

Through Chemstock, you can acquire an expansive array of top-grade chemicals, including Hydrogen Peroxide. We have been a part of this industry for more than thirty years, and have developed a solid reputation of being the most widely trusted Hydrogen Peroxide Suppliers in UAE. Our chemicals are sourced from distinguished locations across the globe.

Recognizing our responsibility as major Chemicals Suppliers in UAE, our team of engineers and chemists personally visit production facilities to make sure that the chemicals being produced there meet the needed standards for purity and packaging.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound that has an appearance of a very pale blue liquid in its pure form. It is extensively used as an oxidizer, bleaching agent, as well as a dilute solution in water for consumer use. Higher concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide in Dubai has industrial applications. It is often used for water treatment.

Properties of Hydrogen Peroxide

 Hydrogen peroxide is almost colorless in its pure state, and has a boiling point as high as 150.2 °C. This is almost 50 °C higher than the boiling point of water. The melting point of hydrogen peroxide subsequently -0.43 °C. This chemical compound tends to form a homogenous mixture in water in all proportions and forms hydrates. Its density is 1.11g/cc in aqueous solution and 1.450 g/cc in its pure form. Hydrogen peroxide is soluble in ether, alcohol but insoluble in petroleum ether. It also has a slightly sharp odor. Hydrogen peroxide acts both as an oxidizing and as the reducing agent in acidic and even in basic medium. Regardless of your specific application requirements, as a top UAE Hydrogen Peroxide Supplier, Chemstock can effectively meet your needs.

Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide in UAE

  • Chemical Synthesis: Hydrogen Peroxide is used as an oxidizing agent in this domain. Hydrogen peroxide has a low molecular weight, which makes it a much more efficient oxidizing agent in comparison to dichromate or permanganate. Hydrogen Peroxide additionally is solvable in varying organic solvents, which includes water and the substrate itself.
  • Aseptic Packaging: Being a microbiologically safe reagent, hydrogen peroxide is used as a sterilizing agent for the diverse internal aseptic zones of the manufacturing machines, as well as a packaging material that comes in contact with food.
  • Cosmetics and Medicine: The oxidizing properties of hydrogen peroxide make it well-suited for use in the field of medicine and cosmetics as a disinfectant and a bleaching agent.
  • Electronics Industry: In this field, hydrogen peroxide is majorly used as an oxidizing and a cleaning agent. This chemical compound, for example, is used as an etchant in the production process of printed circuits boards. On the other hand, hydrogen peroxide is used as an oxidizing agent when it comes to the manufacturing process of semiconductors.
  • Food Processing: Hydrogen Peroxide is among the most extensively used bleaching agents in the food processing industry. Starch, natural sugars, natural oils, and gums are a few of the popular compounds that are bleached using peroxides.
  • Mining: Hydrogen Peroxide is used both as an oxygen source and as an oxidizing agent in the mining industry.  
  • Pulp and Paper Industry: Hydrogen Peroxide is ideally used as a bleaching agent chemical pulp bleaching sequences.
  • Transportation Industry: In this domain, usually highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide is used as a propellant.  

Chemstock: The most dependable Hydrogen Peroxide Suppliers in UAE

Featuring state-of-the-art warehouse and cold storage facilities, Chemstock maintains an advanced logistics network that helps us to be among the largest and most reliable laboratory chemical and reagent suppliers in UAE and Oman. Hence, we would be the ideal Hydrogen Peroxide Suppliers in Dubai to make your purchases from. The Chemstock warehouses feature automated foam systems and water sprinkler systems in line with the latest NFPA guidelines as well as UAE Civil Defence Authority. As a top source for purchasing Hydrogen Peroxide in UAE, we maintain extremely strict quality standards, and focus on delivering only the best to our clients


What type of chemicals can I purchase through Chemstock?

We offer AAS/ICP standard solutions, LC-MS/ULC-MS Solvents, culture media, including laboratory reagents and solutions. Chemstock essentially catalogues more than 1500 different chemicals at our warehouses.

What is the price range of the chemicals supplied by you?

Our price range would depend on your exact requirements. No matter whether you want to buy Hydrogen Peroxide in Dubai, you can always give us a call to acquire further details.

How is the quality of Hydrogen Peroxide supplied by you?

We have managed to maintain our reputation as one of the best Hydrogen Peroxide Suppliers in the Middle East due to our high-quality standards. Chemstock always delivers chemicals that rank high in terms of purity.

Why should I buy Hydrogen Peroxide?

Being one of the most well-established Hydrogen Peroxide Suppliers in Dubai, we offer assurance of highest quality, long shelf life, and excellent packaging, at the most competitive prices.

Can Chemstock source chemicals on my behalf?

Yes, we can. Our team has extensive years of experience in the chemical products industry, and hence our dedicated teams of engineers can competently handle your sourcing problems.

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