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Simplify your chemical testing with Chemstock’s all-in-one Hanna test kit

Hanna Test Kits

Chemical testing is essential to many industries, from water treatment to food production and pharmaceuticals. However, the process can be time-consuming and complex, requiring multiple instruments and chemicals to get accurate results. Chemstock’s Hanna Test Kit offers a solution to this problem by providing all-in-one testing solutions for various applications. Whether you need a water quality or food safety testing kit, Hanna test kits are a reliable and convenient solution. Explore the Chemstock store for different kits and simplify your chemical testing.

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Everything you need for hassle-free chemical testing.

Hanna test kits provide a complete solution for chemical testing with all necessary accessories, color-coded dropper bottles, and easy-to-understand instruction manuals, and they are tailored for specific applications. Our Hanna chemical test kits also adhere to the highest quality standards, with a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) available for each product online.

Some of their features include the following:

  • Customization – Hanna combination chemical test kits are tailor-made for specific applications. They have backpacks, a multiparameter and single parameters Hanna test kit to provide relevant functions according to your needs.
  • All-in-one backpack– Hanna test kit includes all necessary reagents and accessories for their specific application.
  • User-friendly- Multiparameter test kits have a hard carrying case, making them ideal for field measurements and easy to carry.
  • Precise manual instructions– Every chemical test kit has a comprehensive instruction manual that guides users step-by-step.
  • Reliable results-For kits that offer pH measurements, Hanna’s exclusive pHep electronic tester is included, providing reliable results with high accuracy and an extended range.

Discover the categories and types of Hanna test kits.

Our Hanna test kits are categorized into mainly three types based on the packaging and materials. The three types include Lab Backpacks, multiparameter, and single-parameter Hanna kits.

Lab Backpack

The Backpack Lab® is a comprehensive kit designed for accurate on-site measurements, with all necessary components kept in one place to prevent misplacing items. It’s a durable backpack that is ideal for transporting and perfect for fieldwork. This Hanna test kit includes a teacher’s guide with detailed information for water quality, soil science, or marine science lessons that can be adapted for various grade levels, along with field tests to complement classroom learning. All materials fit into the supplied backpack for easy transport. Some available backpack Lab products are:

  • Backpack Lab™ Water Quality test kit.
  • Backpack Lab Soil Quality Educational Test Kit
  • Backpack Lab™ Marine Science test kit

Multiparameter test kits

The Hanna multiparameter test kits combine various single-parameter test kits specific to an application into a single carrying case. This includes water quality, agriculture, aquaculture, water treatment, and environmental use. Some kits also feature the pHep pocket meter for accurate pH measurements. Some of the available Hanna test kits for multiparameter are:

  • HI3817 Water Quality Test Kit
  • HI3827 Boiler and Feedwater Chemical Test Kit
  • HI3821 Cooling and Boiler Chemical Test Kit
  • HI3814 Environmental Monitoring Chemical Test Kit
  • HI3823 Marine Test Kit
  • HI3895 Quick Soil Test Kit
  • NPK Soil Chemical Test Kit (10 tests each) – HI3895
  • NPK Soil Chemical Test Kit (25 tests each) – HI3896
  • HI3887 Swimming Pool Chemical Test Kit

Single Parameter test kits

Chemical test kits with various ranges and units of measure are available, including kits for unique applications such as the olive oil acidity test and basic kits for measuring water hardness, which comes with the option of using either a color cube or checker disc. Some of the single-parameter Hanna test kits include:

  • HI3820 Acidity Test Kit
  • Olive Oil Acidity Test Kit – HI3897
  • HI3811 Alkalinity Test Kit
  • HI3824 Ammonia Test Kit for Freshwater
  • HI3826 Ammonia Test Kit for Seawater
  • HI38049 Ammonia Test Kit for Freshwater with Checker Disc

Start your chemical testing effortlessly with Hanna test kits – Order yours today from Chemstock.

Hanna testing kits are an essential tool for accurate and reliable chemical testing. With their tailored designs for specific applications, all-inclusive packages, easy-to-understand instructions, and advanced features like the pHep electronic tester, these kits help users work better, faster, and safer. Whether you are a teacher introducing students to marine science or an environmental scientist in the field, Hanna test kits provide the necessary tools for hassle-free and accurate testing. Book your orders to enhance your testing capabilities and experience the benefits of using Hanna testing kits.

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What types of parameters can be measured using Hanna test kits?

Hanna test kits can measure pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorine, hardness, alkalinity, and other parameters.

Is it difficult to use Hanna test kits?

Hanna test kits are designed to be easy to use, with clear instructions in each kit. However, some tests require more skill or experience to perform accurately.

Are Hanna test kits expensive?

The cost of Hanna test kits varies depending on the specific kit and the retailer. However, they are generally affordable and offer good value for money.

Where can I buy the Hanna test kits?

Hanna test kits are available at Chemstock. You can check our website or email your requirements here Marketing@chemstock.ae   or Sales@chemstock.ae.

Can Hanna test kits be used for commercial applications?

Yes, Hanna offers a range of test kits designed specifically for commercial use, including in the food and beverage industry, wastewater treatment plants, and more.

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