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By using a Hanna soil pH meter, gardeners, farmers, and researchers can accurately and quickly determine the pH level of their soil. This information can be used to adjust soil conditions and optimize plant growth. So, the Hanna soil pH meter is for you if you are among any of the above sectors looking to achieve the right soil testing results. Get in touch with the experts at Chemstock to receive your order.

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List of Hanna soil pH meters available now at Chemstock: Place your order!

  • HALO2 Application-Specific pH Testers with Bluetooth
  • HI3895 Quick Soil Test Kit
  • NPK Soil Chemical Test Kit (10 tests each) – HI3895
  • HI98168 Professional GroLine Portable Soil pH Meter
  • Professional Portable Soil pH Meter
  • pH Electrode for Direct Soil Measurement – HI1292D
  • pH Electrode for Direct Soil Measurement – HI1293

Applications and Industry uses of Hanna soil pH meter.

Farmers: Farmers use the Hanna soil pH meter to measure the pH level of their soil and adjust it accordingly to optimize crop growth and yield.

Gardeners: Gardeners utilize the Hanna soil pH meter to ensure their plants grow in soil with the appropriate pH level. This can help prevent nutrient deficiencies and promote healthy plant growth.

Landscapers: Landscapers rely on the Hanna soil pH meter to determine the soil pH level in different areas and make adjustments as necessary to ensure that plants thrive.

Environmental Scientists: Environmental scientists require the Hanna soil pH meter to study soil health and its environmental impact, which can help inform policy and management decisions.

Researchers: Researchers use the Hanna soil pH meter to conduct experiments and studies on soil pH and plant growth.

Horticulturists: Horticulturists use the Hanna soil pH meter to monitor and adjust the soil pH level in greenhouses and other controlled environments to promote optimal plant growth.

Educators: Educators need the Hanna soil pH meter as a teaching tool to help students understand the importance of soil pH and how it impacts plant growth.


The Hanna soil pH meter at Chemstock is a valuable tool for anyone involved in agriculture, horticulture, landscaping, environmental science, or research. It provides real-time measurements of soil pH levels, allowing users to adjust soil conditions and optimize plant growth. The Hanna soil pH meter is user-friendly, portable, durable, and versatile, making it accessible to many users. Its fast results, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use make it a popular choice for those needing to measure soil pH levels regularly. If you need one, choose the best chemical suppliers from Chemstock for all your chemical supplies and laboratory devices.

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How do I calibrate my Hanna soil pH meter?

You will need a pH calibration solution with a known pH level to calibrate your Hanna soil pH meter. Following the manufacturer’s instructions for preparing the solution and adjusting the meter settings is advised. Then, immerse the electrode in the solution and adjust the meter to read the correct pH level.

Can the Hanna soil pH meter be used for other applications besides soil?

Yes, the Hanna soil pH meter can be used for other applications besides soil, such as measuring the pH level of water or other liquids.

What is the ideal pH level for soil?

The ideal pH level for soil depends on the types of plants you are growing. Most plants prefer acidic soil with a pH level between 6.0 and 7.0. However, some plants, such as blueberries, prefer more acidic soil with a pH between 4.5 and 5.5.

How often should I use my Hanna soil pH meter?

The frequency of use depends on the specific needs of your plants and soil. Testing soil pH levels at least once per season is recommended, but you may need to test more frequently if you are growing sensitive plants or noticing signs of nutrient deficiencies.

How do I clean and maintain my Hanna soil pH meter?

To clean your Hanna soil pH meter, rinse the electrode with distilled water and gently wipe it with a soft cloth. Store the meter in a protective case or cover to prevent damage. It is also recommended to recalibrate the meter periodically to ensure accurate readings.

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