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Conduct Hassle-Free Salinity Testing with Hanna Salinity Meters and Accessories at Chemstock

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Chemical industries, laboratories, and other chemical-based industrial sectors indulging in large salinity testing procedures seek salinity instruments. Chemstock understands the need to employ Hanna salinity checkers to achieve the appropriate readings for various chemical treatments. We offer the most relevant Hanna salinity devices to test various salinity levels in various aspects of the respective industries. Any food-based, agriculture-based, or chemical-based industries can get better results with our Hanna salinity checker. Head to our store and check out the options for your industrial needs.

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Understanding Hanna Salinity Checkers and Accessories

We provide various Hanna salinity checkers and accessories to equip industries with varied solutions concerning seawater salinity, food salinity, and soil testing. Our Hanna salinity meters have effective functional roles based on their features. Some of the salinity meters require advanced accessories to conduct complex functions.

Along with the Hanna salinity checker features, we also offer Hanna salinity accessories that equip the advanced functions of salinity meters. Take a look at both features and accessories of the Hanna salinity checker.

Discover the significant features of Hanna Salinity Checker

The significant features of the Hanna Salinity Checker involve discrete options and advanced benefits that enhance the accuracy and precise results of the device. Here are a few significant key features that benefit industries or laboratories.

Automatic Calibration:

These features help the meter automatically calibrate without manual intervention at regular intervals to ensure accuracy.

GLP Data:

The features of GBL data allow storage of the date, time, and user of each measurement and track the instrument’s calibration history. In addition, it allows for easy retrieval of previous measurements for comparison.


It helps to record all measurements taken by the instrument. It can store data in internal memory or external storage media.

P.C. Connectivity:

It enables a connection to the computer via USB to monitor the instrument’s display. This also allows the transfer of data to a computer for analysis.

Automatic Shut-off:

Some Hanna Salinity Checker shuts off automatically after a set period of inactivity to conserve battery or power.

Stability Indicator:

Indicates when the measurement has stabilized and is ready to be recorded through a flashlight on the instrument.

Battery % Level:

Displays the remaining battery life as a percentage and alerts the user with indications and reminders to charge.

Prominent Hanna salinity checker accessories for your chemical assistance


Titrators help to execute a silver/sulfide ISE (Ion-Selective Electrode) titration.

Benchtop Meters

Benchtop meters are available in versions that detect salinity by conductivity and can measure sodium or chloride using an ISE (Ion-Selective Electrode).

Portable Meters

Portable Hanna salinity checkers include devices that measure salinity using conductivity, ISE, or refractometer.


A salinity tester in this category utilizes a conductivity sensor to measure artificial seawater in saltwater and reef aquariums. This version allows you to display findings as PSU, ppt, or specific gravity. (S.G.).

Probes and Electrodes

Required probes for portable and tabletop meters are included with the salinity tester.


Salinity and sodium chloride standards are used for calibration of the Salinity Tester . Maintenance solutions for ISEs are also included in this category. These include solutions for condition, storage, and refill.


We also provide the titrants and reagents required for an argentometric salt titration.


Accessories include salinity ISE polishing strips and magnetic stirrers to enable adequate mixing when using the ISE.

Salinity Chemical Test Kit

A salinity Chemical Test Kit (CTK) is provided as a single parameter or in conjunction with other critical parameters. This kit is beneficial for marine studies.

Why choose Chemstock for your chemical products and equipment?

We at Chemstock understand that providing essential chemical testing checkers and accessories is crucial to chemical, food, and agro-based industries. With decades of experience and serving large groups of chemical industries and laboratories, we assure you of the best services. We employ adequate services like laboratory equipment, chemical solutions, accessories, and other laboratory requirements. We ensure to provide you with access to the required equipment and instruments as you shop at our store. Our experts at Chemstock help you with the orders and deliver the best Hanna salinity checker and more laboratory and chemical solutions.

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How accurate is the Hanna Salinity Checker?

The Hanna Salinity Checker is highly accurate and comes with a calibration solution to ensure accurate measurements every time.

Can I use the Hanna Salinity Checker for both freshwater and saltwater?

No, the Hanna Salinity Checker is specifically designed for saltwater measurements. It is not recommended for freshwater measurements.

How do I clean the Hanna Salinity Checker?

To clean the Hanna Salinity Checker, use a soft, damp cloth and wipe the surfaces gently. Do not use any harsh chemicals or solvents.

Does the Hanna Salinity Checker come with a warranty?

Yes, the Hanna Salinity Checker comes with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Is the Hanna Salinity Checker easy to use?

Yes, the Hanna Salinity Checker is designed to be user-friendly and comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

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