Grow your chemical-based venture with the help of Chemstock’s Hanna instruments UAE.

Chemical-based sectors, laboratories, educational organizations, and research institutions rely on the needs of chemical infrastructures. Every basic infrastructure consists of laboratory equipment, chemical compounds, solutions, accessories, and other chemical instruments. Chemstock Hanna instruments UAE can benefit industries with all the chemical needs and customized product delivery.

We at Chemstock LLC are keen on delivering high-performance laboratory equipment, research warehouse facilities, chemical substances, and more. Therefore, one can look out for the Hanna instruments for various purposes.

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Understand the different types of Hanna instruments:

The Chemstock supplies Hanna instruments in the UAE for commercial, academic, and research use. The devices are based on different types and include various functions. The major Chemstock’s Hanna instruments are accessories, benchtop meters, checkers, reagents, and titrators.

  1. Accessories- Accessories in the Hanna meter include glass tubes, meters, filters, pumping kits, rubber tubes, spare probe kits, power adapters, and more. The primary function of any accessory is to equip the device with additional requirements and substantiate the needs for its results. Some of the Hanna Instrument accessories are:
    • Holmium Filter
    • Complete Tubing Kit for PCA Series Process Analyzers (3 pcs)
    • Maintenance Kit for Turbidity Meter
    • 4-Ring Conductivity Probe
    • Input Filters for PCA Series Process Analyzers
    • Peristaltic Pump Tubing Kit for PCA Series Process Analyzers (6 pcs)
    • Green Shockproof Rubber Boot, New
    • Power Adapter (115 VAC to 12 VDC)
    • Reagent Bottle Tubing Kit for PCA Series Process Analyzers
    • Plastic Beaker Set 150 mL
    • Caps for Glass Cuvettes Used with Turbidity Meters (4 pcs)
  2. Benchtop Meters- Benchtop meters refer to portable meters that can perform multiple testing. The meter allows us to derive the results of various parameters like conductivity, TDS, resistivity, salinity, ORP, pH, ISE, Mv, and more. Some of the benchtop meters include:
    • Laboratory Research Grade Benchtop Dissolved Oxygen and BOD Meter
    • Laboratory Research Grade Benchtop EC/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity Meter with ATC and Extended Range
    • edge® Dedicated Conductivity/TDS/Salinity Meter
    • Boiler and Cooling Tower Photometer
    • Aquaculture Photometer
    • edge® Dedicated pH/ORP Meter
  3. Checkers- The checkers are devices used to measure the levels of certain substances in a given substance, liquid, or compound. The equipment helps to gauge the levels and ranges of particular values like ammonia, nitrate, and phosphate. The 3 different checkers of Hanna instruments UAE available at Chemstock are :
    • Marine Nitrate Low Range Checker® HC
    • Marine pH Checker® HC
    • Marine Phosphate Ultra Low Range Colorimeter – Checker® HC
  4. Reagents- Reagents of Hanna instruments include various additional solvents and mixture compounds for various chemical use. The reagents can be used in labs, industrial sectors, research centers, and more. Some of the different reagents are:
    • Ammonia Low Range CAL Check™ Standards
    • Total Hardness CAL Check™ Standards
    • Cyanuric Acid CAL Check™ Standards
    • Ammonia Medium Range CAL Check™ Standards
    • pH CAL Check™ Standards
    • Free and Total Chlorine CAL Check™ Standards
    • Sample Preparation Kits
    • Low Range Titrant for Titratable Acidity in Water Mini Titrator
    • Marine pH Checker Calibration Check Set
    • Copper High Range Checker® Reagents (25 Tests)
  5. Titrators- The titrators are the devices that help laboratories and researchers with titration. The different products vary in ranges of their parameters, chemical substance, and prices. Some of the different Titrators from Hanna Instruments are:

The other available Hanna instruments include Dataloggers, Chemical Test Kits, Refractometers, Chemical Solutions, Testers, Electrodes, Ion Selective Electrode (ISE), Magnetic Stirrers, Photometers, Portable Meters, Process Controllers, and Pumps. Head to our cart to order our Hanna instruments UAE.

Chemstock is the one-stop destination for your ultimate chemical needs.

Check out the deals and orders for Hanna instruments UAE at Chemstock. We offer a vivid range of supplies in terms of Hanna instruments. The instruments include chemical devices, meters, testing kits, chemical compounds, and more. Apart from the Hanna equipment, we also provide different chemical sectors facilities like laboratory infrastructure, warehouse facilities, educational and research-purpose chemical equipment, solvents, solutions, and products.

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Can I order chemical substances and solvents from Chemstock?

Yes. You can order Chemical substances, solvents, solutions, salts, and more from our store. Click here to look for more salts and chemical compounds.

What is the cost to set up laboratory infrastructure by Chemstock?

The cost to set up the laboratory infrastructure varies in dimensions and requirements. You can fill out our form or mail us at for quotations and bookings. 

What is available in Hanna instruments accessories?

Hanna accessories from Chemstock include external chemical benefits like photometers, multipurpose meters, glass tubes, chemical kits, power adapters, and more. This helps to add additional benefits to the primary equipment.

What is the difference between chemical reagents and chemical solutions?

The chemical reagent refers to the substance added to the original solution to achieve desired reactions. It could be salts, solvents, reagent compounds, and solutions. In comparison, chemical solution refers to the primary combination of a chemical reaction focused on achieving the desired benefit or result.

Are Hanna instruments at Chemstock cheaper?

The Hanna instruments have standard prices. But one can get booking offers and combos from Chemstock, as we customize the tools and provide doorstep delivery. For more details, contact us at +971 4 5787667 or email us at 

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