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Electrical appliances, Water treatment plants, agriculture, and biochemical sectors play a significant role worldwide. The primary function of the industries relies on the aspects of water and current functions. Thus, companies ensure electrical conductivity and other forms of current flow are in check to equip better products and services. This process requires an EC meter and other equipment. Now, these industries can use the Hanna EC meter to measure the substances’ electrical flow and conductivity levels.

We at Chemstock help you order the high-performing and finest standards of Hanna EC meters for your industrial sectors. In addition, we provide the best equipment for other chemical needs, laboratory equipment, and laboratory infrastructures. Shop all your chemicals and laboratory equipment from our website. 

Discover the best Chemstock Hanna EC Meter Types and Functions.

Chemstock is a widely known chemical supplier in the UAE. One can trust the enterprise with the guarantee of our services, license, high-quality materials, finished infrastructure, and quick doorstep delivery. Our customers choose our service for various Hanna EC meters and their benefits. The benefits and types of meters vary based on the sectors. Below are the different functions and types of EC testers based on the industries:

  1. Chemical Hanna EC Meters: The Chemstock Hanna EC meter is used for testing chemical salinity, conductivity, pH, and other variables. The meter is equipped with a hand-held probe that is portable and waterproof. The 3 types of Hanna EC meters used for chemical testing are:
    • Combo pH/Conductivity/TDS Tester (High Range)
    • EC/TDS/Temperature Tester (0.00 to 20.00 mS/cm, 0.00 to 10.00 ppt)
    • Pure Water Tester
  2. Petrochemical Hanna EC Meters: The Hanna EC tester in the petrochemicals sector is used for assessing the levels of EC in chemicals and substances used in the industry. The particular meter is also helpful in hydroponics, boilers, cooling towers, and agro-based industries. The 3 EC meters used for petrochemical testing are:
    • Combo pH/Conductivity/TDS Tester (High Range)
    • DiST®4 Waterproof EC Tester (0.00-20.00 mS/cm)
    • DiST®1 Waterproof TDS Tester (0-2000 ppm)
  3. Planting Hanna EC Meters: The testers are used to scale the electrical conductivity levels in environmental set-up, water treatments, and plant-based sectors. The specific EC meter is portable, waterproof, and automatically calibrated with an easy user manual. The 3 types of Hanna EC meters used in plant-based testing are:
    • DiST®1 Waterproof TDS Tester (0-2000 ppm)
    • DiST®4 Waterproof EC Tester (0.00-20.00 mS/cm)
    • Combo pH/Conductivity/TDS Tester (High Range)
  4. Water Testing EC Meters: The Hanna EC meter used for water treatment plants can measure the levels of conductivity, pH, TDS, and more. The EC meter used for water testing can benefit testing ponds, lakes, and water treatment plants testing. They are portable and equipped with rough surfaces well-suited for external purposes. The three different Hanna EC meters used are:
    • DiST®1 Waterproof TDS Tester (0-2000 ppm)
    • DiST®4 Waterproof EC Tester (0.00-20.00 mS/cm)
    • Combo pH/Conductivity/TDS Tester (High Range)

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Chemstock is one of the leading producers of chemical products and laboratory equipment. We ensure quick delivery and high-quality maintenance of products. The team also provides specific guidelines to our customers during purchase. As a result, it benefits the user to handle the products easily. Avail the best when you have access to our Chemstock store.

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What is the difference between a TDS meter and an EC meter?

Electrical conductivity (EC) is measured millisiemens per centimeter (mS/cm). Total dissolved solids, or TDS, are quantified in parts per million, or PPM. Both meters are measured in ppm. Therefore, EC is calculated using the acquired TDS value by multiplying 2/1000.

What is the required conductivity of drinking water?

The conductivity of drinking water ranges from 200 to 800 µS/cm.

Can we use the Plant testing EC meter for water testing purposes?

Yes. The plant testing Hanna EC meter can also help in water testing. But the conductivity range must be in check before testing the two criteria.

What is the conductivity range of the DiST®1 Waterproof TDS Tester?

O to 2000 ppm is the conductivity range of the DiST®1 Waterproof TDS Tester.

How to order the Combo pH/Conductivity/TDS Tester (High Range)?

You can shop the Hanna EC tester combo at Chemstock. For more bookings and orders, visit our website.

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