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The aspect of conductivity is vital in industries dealing with water treatment plants, agriculture, appliances, and heating appliances. The conductivity is studied and measured to understand the levels of current flow in a given substance. The process can be measured using our Hanna conductivity meter. It is a device that helps to measure the current flow in any solvent, solution, product, and more. The device helps to identify the levels of Electrical conductivity (EC) and Total Dissolved Solids(TDS).

The Hanna conductivity meter has a handheld probe that helps to immerse the substance in the liquid. The immersed probe later reads the conductivity in micro siemens/ cm (ÎĽS/cm).

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Know Our Hanna conductivity meter-Chemstock guide to conductivity meters.

The Hanna conductivity meters have different types of conductivity meters. The meters help identify conductivity, salinity, pH, ISE, mV, ORP, Resistivity, Temperature, Pressure, and more. The different types of meters are based on the following categories:

  1. Accessories – The accessories that refer to additional requirements for a conductivity meter are the probes for a multiparameter measure like ISE, EC, mV, Turbidity, pH, DO and others. The products under the accessory also include:
    • 4-ring EC/TDS probe with internal temperature sensors
    • Spare Electrode for Conductivity, TDS testers, and Calibration solutions.
    • Multiparameter Probe (pH/ISE/EC/DO/Turbidity) with Autonomous Logging Capability
  2. Benchtop Meters – Benchtop meters are another type of EC meter that helps in multiple purposes (depends upon models). A benchtop meter’s primary goal is to measure a solution’s pH, salinity, and alkalinity. The different types of Hanna benchtop meters are:
    • Laboratory Research Grade Benchtop EC/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity Meter with ATC and Extended Range
    • Multiparameter EC/TDS/Salinity Meter
    • Dedicated Conductivity/TDS/Salinity Meter
  3. Controllers – The controllers allow measurement of the EC and TDS with no terminators. The controllers help control the conductivity and pH grade using different probes and types of transmitters. The other Hanna controllers for EC/TDS meters are:
    • EC Analog Controller with Direct Input from Potentiometric Probe
    • Industrial Grade TDS Controller with Proportional Fertilizer Dosing
    • EC Analog Controller with Input from Probe or Transmitter
  4. Electrodes – They are small probe-like equipment that enables the EC/ TDS / pH / free flow conductivity and more.
    • pH/EC/TDS Multiparameter Probe (Inline)
    • Submersion and Flow-thru Conductivity Probe – NTC Sensor, 3m Cable
    • pH/EC/TDS Multiparameter Probe with Quick DIN
    • Pre-amplified pH and EC probe
    • pH/EC/TDS Multiparameter Probe with CAL Check
    • EC/TDS Probe for Mini Controller
  5. Mini controllers – The mini controllers help understand the levels of TDS in a process within the ranges of different ppm. The mini controller types usually vary in price and measurement range. Some of them are:
    • TDS Mini Controller (0 to 1999 ppm)
    • TDS Mini Controller (0.00 to 10.00 ppt)
    • Conductivity Mini Controller w/ Low-Range Relay (0.00-10.00 mS/cm)
    • TDS Mini Controller (0.0 to 199.9 ppm)
  6. Monitors – The monitors are large display devices used to measure the levels of EC and TDS temperatures with a large display. The EC/TDS and Temperature Monitor (High Range) helps to see the display of conductivity compared to other Hanna monitors.
  7. Solutions – The solutions are used for conductivity control and measurement. It includes calibration solutions, TDS solutions, and conductivity solutions. The Hanna conductivity solutions are:
    • Conductivity Standard (1 Gallon)
    • 1413 µS/cm Conductivity Standard (1 Gallon)
    • Quick Calibration Solution sachets for pH and EC Meters (25 x 20 mL)
    • 800 mg/L (ppm) TDS Standard Sachets (25 x 20 mL)
  8. Testers – The testers come with multipurpose probes that help in hassle-free measurements with all-in-one measurements. Some of the The conductivity testers are:
    • Hydroponic Waterproof Pocket pH/EC/TDS/Temperature Tester
    • Combo pH/Conductivity/TDS Tester (High Range)
    • Soil Test™ Direct Soil Conductivity Tester
    • EC/TDS/Temperature Tester (0.00 to 20.00 mS/cm, 0.00 to 10.00 ppt)
    • Waterproof EC/TDS (ppm) Tester
  9. Transmitters – The transmitters are equipped with high-permanence probes that assist in conductivity transmission. The Hanna transmitter for conductivity comes with a four-ring probe allowing high fast temperature compensation and accurate readings during sudden temperature fluctuations.

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Why order Hanna Conductivity Meter from Chemstock?

Chemstock provides an in-detail description of Hanna equipment regarding conductors and its manual guide for you to choose the best. We at Chemstock take custom orders to tailor-make the combo and provide benefits. We understand the hassle of finding the right tool to measure conductivity. Therefore, the above guide provides a detailed version of conductivity meter types for you to choose from. Grab the perfect tool for your conductivity test from Chemstock. Add to the cart the suitable Hanna EC/TDS meters now.

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Does Chemstock supply accessories for Hanna conductivity meters?

Yes. We supply accessories for conductivity meters. Please get in touch with us at +971 4 5787667 for more details and specifications on the accessory requirements.

Where can I order a Calibration solution for laboratory purposes?

You can order calibration solutions from the Chemstock website and the necessary accessories for the laboratory. Shop now. 

Can I measure pH with the Conductivity meter?

Yes. You can measure the pH value with a multipurpose conductivity meter. It provides an all-in-one solution along with other values. For more, head to our cart. 

How does the conductivity meter work?

A conductivity meter emits an electrical charge when a conductivity probe is dipped into the solution. The electrical charge will rise or decrease depending on whether more or fewer dissolved ions are present. Thus the result is obtained using amperometric or potentiometric methods.

Does Chemstok provide a conductivity combo meter?

Yes. You can book a conductivity combo meter from Chemstock. In addition, we do provide customized combos. For details, write to us at sales@chemstock.ae. You can also visit our shop online for more combos and chemical products. 

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