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Introducing the Hanna Combo Meter. Your All-in-One Solution for Testing is now available at Chemstock!

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Are you looking for accurate ways to test various products? Search no further than Chemstock’s Hanna combo. The Hanna combo meter allows you to test water, chemicals, beverages, and others. These compact and portable devices allow you to measure various parameters, including pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), and temperature, all with one tool.

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Key Features and Benefits of the Hanna Combo Meter

Quick and accurate readings: The Hanna combo ensures accurate and precise readings in seconds, allowing you to quickly and easily test the product parameters.

Versatile: The combo meter can be used in various applications, from drinking water to hydroponic systems. In addition, the combo is easier and simpler to access different parameters.

User-friendly: The Hanna combo makes it easy to use, with simple controls and an interface.

Portable: The device’s size is comparatively small and eases travel as it is easy to carry.

Affordable: Despite its advanced features and capabilities, the Hanna combo meter is priced at the correct value allowing quality testing.

Explore the types of Hanna combo meters:

The different types of Hanna combo parameters provide a range of options, including quality testing needs and industrial product measurements. The measurements of the Hanna meter help chemical industries, agro-based companies, laboratories, petrochemical, and other water treatment sectors with various measurements.

The following are the most used Hanna combo meters available in Chemstock.

Hanna Combo pH/EC/TDS/C/PPM/Temperature Meter – This measures pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), salinity, and temperature. It is ideal for testing drinking water quality, aquariums, and hydroponic systems.

Hanna Combo pH/EC/TDS/PPM/Temperature Meter – This device helps to measure pH, conductivity, TDS, and temperature. It is perfect for testing water quality in pools, spas, and other recreational water systems.

Hanna Combo pH/ORP/Temperature Meter – This Hanna combo measures pH, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), and temperature. It helps test water quality in industrial processes, wastewater treatment, and other applications where oxidation-reduction potential is an important parameter.

Hanna Combo pH/EC/Temperature Meter – This Hanna meter measures pH, conductivity, and temperature. It is ideal for testing water quality in agricultural, horticultural, and hydroponic systems.

Hanna Combo pH/DO/Temperature Meter – This helps to measure pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), and temperature. It is perfect for testing water quality in aquaculture, fisheries, and other applications where dissolved oxygen is the key parameter.

Hanna Combo pH/EC/DO/Temperature Meter – The pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and temperature can be measured using this. It is used to test water quality in aquaponics, hydroponics, and other applications where multiple parameters must be measured.

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At Chemstock, we’re committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and laboratory services. Our other services include laboratory chemicals, instruments, equipment, and warehousing services. You can also be assured that we ensure product safety, warranty, and on-time delivery to your organization.

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Are Hanna meters waterproof?

Most Hanna meters are water-resistant, meaning they can withstand exposure to splashes and small amounts of water. However, they are not typically designed to be fully submerged in water. Refer to the manual while administering any testing.

What should I do if my Hanna meter is not working properly?

If you are experiencing issues with your Hanna meter, the first step is to consult the user manual and troubleshooting guide for your specific model. You can contact our customer service team for assistance if you are still having problems.

What are the other products supplied at Chemstock?

The other products supplied by Chemstock include laboratory instruments, chemicals, laboratory glassware, and logistics. Apart from this, we also cater to providing laboratory equipment and infrastructure for industries and academic institutions.

How to get a quotation from Chemstock suppliers for my bulk chemical orders?

You can get the price from our salesperson based on your requirements. Call us at +971 4 5787667 for a detailed quotation. Or you can send the required details to our email – Sales@chemstock.ae, or Marketing@chemstock.ae 

What is the Hanna meter's initial price?

Hanna meters range in price based on the model and the variables used to measure them. For example, a simple handheld meter measuring pH and temperature can range from $100 to $150.

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