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Hanna Ammonia Checker is the instrument that checks the PPM Value of ammonia in water. The rise in ammonia values can hamper the pH values of the fresh water in aquariums and tanks. The pH rise could lead to severities in marine life due to the nitrogen residue in an aquarium. This can cause ammonium burn on the fish and lead to the decline of marine life. The ammonium levels should be in check to avoid the consequences of ammonia.

The Hanna ammonia checker from Chemstock can help identify the Ammonium level to balance the ammonia in the water.

How to use our Hanna Ammonia checker? /(Handheld Colorimeters)

The process of using a Hanna ammonia checker is simpler than titration. The human eye is prone to misread colors sometimes. The methods of measuring ammonia levels through color are time-consuming compared to digital readings. The Hanna ammonia tester can ease the process of measuring with five simple steps.

Before the process, once you receive the product, add a battery at the bottom of the meter. Later, once you switch on the meter with a button, maintain the C1 value. Now follow the below steps.

Step 1– Place the water sample in the Vial provided.

Step 2– Keep the Vial in the checker and press the button to see the zero value.

Step 3– Once zero appears, take the vial, add reagents as per the requirement mentioned in the manual, and wipe the dust particles on the Vial with a microfibre cloth.

Step 4– Place the Vial again in the Checker and press the button for results.

Step 5– Make a note of the derived results.

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Why choose Chemstock’s Hanna Ammonia Checker?

Chemstock is one of the UAE’s leading chemical and laboratory suppliers. We take care of the safety and license of our products. Therefore, one can trust the product’s quality, guarantee, authentication, and guide while you place an order with us.

We at Chemstock have a list of laboratory supplies that equips industry, laboratory, manufacturing, and other sectors. The Hanna ammonia checker is used by industries, bio-labs, households, marine study groups, schools/institutions, laboratories, and water treatment plants. The meter helps check the ammonia values present in freshwater and marine waters.

The Chemstock has four Hanna ammonia checker types, different for freshwater, marine /saltwater, medium-level range, and high-level range ammonia. They are Marine Line Ammonia Checker, Freshwater Low Range Ammonia Checker, High Range Ammonia Checker, and Medium Range Ammonia Checker. The different types of Ammonia checker and their ammonia measurement ranges in ppm are as follows.

  1. Marine Line Ammonia Checker (HI784) – Range -0.00 to 2.50 ppm (mg/L) NH3
  2. Freshwater Low Range Ammonia Checker (HI700) – Range -0.00 to 3.00 ppm NH₃-N.
  3. Medium Range Ammonia Colorimeter Checker (HI715) – Range – 0.00 to 9.99 ppm NH₃-N.
  4. High Range Ammonia Checker (HI733) – Range -0.0 to 99.9 ppm as NH+₄

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Chemstock offers you the fine quality Hanna ammonia checker in UAE for the best prices and offers. To purchase different Hanna ammonia Checkers and their reagents, contact our team.

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When can I book my order for an Ammonia checker?

You can book the Hanna ammonia tester via call- +971 4 5787667 or drop your details in the cart by booking online.

How many tests can one ammonia checker kit take?

25 tests can be taken with one ammonia tester kit. The kit provides sufficient supplies of reagents for 25 tests.

How to mix the reagent with the water?

The kit has a plastic filler provided with the meter. The filler helps to fill the glass tube with reagents.

The yellow color appeared when I added the reagent. Is it normal?

Yes. After the reagent is added to the water, yellow is a common sign of ammonia. It is because it gives the measurement of levels of ammonia in the water. Therefore, based on the color scale, one can determine its values.

Does Chemstock supply reagents of ammonia checkers?

Yes. We do provide reagents and Ammonia checker kits for testing ammonia levels. Check our website for details.

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