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Ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol, is quite a popular industrial chemical. This colorless, easily soluble fluid is commonly used as a reactant, diluents, carrier or even a primary solvent. As one of the top Ethanol Suppliers in UAE, we at Chemstock provide this chemical for an expansive range of applications. This is a volatile and combustible liquid. Therefore, being the leading Ethanol Suppliers & Exporters in UAE, we at Chemstock make sure to package it in a proper, robust manner before shipping it to your destination.

What is the use of Ethanol in the UAE?

Not just the UAE, ethanol is in fact used across the world for a varying range of purposes. It is among the largest volume organic chemicals used for consumer and industrial products. As major Ethanol Manufacturers in UAE, we offer our products for diverse industrial uses. The primary industrial uses of this aliphatic alcohol are as intermediate in the production of other types of chemicals and as a solvent. Over the years, Chemstock has managed to develop a reputation as one of the most reliable Chemicals Suppliers in UAE. Hence, we can be your best source for buying ethanol for industrial applications.

Major industry applications of Ethanol

  • Personal Care Products: Ethanol is quite a common ingredient in several beauty products and cosmetics. It tends to act as an astringent that helps in getting a clearer skin, and is used as a preservative in lotions. Due to the fact that ethanol is highly effective in killing a variety of microorganisms, it is also an important ingredient of several hand sanitizers.
  • Household products: Ethanol is able to mix quite easily with water and several of the other organic compounds. This feature makes it a highly effective solvent to be used for varnish, lacquers, paints, and diverse other personal care and household cleaning products. Ethanol in UAE is commonly used as a preservative in several household cleaning products as it is effective in knocking out organisms that could pose a danger to consumers.
  • Fuel: A good percentage of gasoline tends to contain ethanol to oxygenate the fuel and reduce air pollution. Ethanol has a higher octane number than gasoline, and therefore has premium blending properties. Minimum octane number requirements prevent engine knocking and maintain drivability.

Is Ethanol and Ethyl alcohol the same?

Ethyl alcohol is simply another name for ethanol. Its chemical formula is C2H5OH or C2H6O. This is a flammable and slightly toxic chemical. Drinking alcohol is produced by fermentation, when certain species of yeast metabolize sugar in the absence of oxygen; they end up producing ethanol and CO 2.

How is ethanol manufactured?

Ethanol is made from biomass materials, such as grains and crops with high starch and sugar content. UAE Ethanol Manufacturers typically use corn, sorghum, barley, sugar cane, and sugar beets to produce this chemical. It can also be manufactured from grasses, trees, and agricultural and forestry residues. In most cases, starch in corn kernels is fermented into sugar, which is then fermented into ethanol. Being a pioneer in the chemical industry, Chemstock follows a stringent process of manufacturing and supplying ethanol. They are among the only companies to develop excellent expertise in all aspects of the chemical trade, and hence shall be the ideal source to purchase this chemical from.

Chemstock: One of the premier ethanol suppliers of UAE

Chemstock produces and supplies ethanol for diverse types of industrial applications. As a widely trusted Ethanol supplier in Dubai, our products can be used in solvents, extractants, antifreeze as well as intermediates in the synthesis of distinguished types of organic chemicals. The ethanol offered by us can also find its usage in coatings, printing inks and adhesives industries.

As well-established UAE Ethanol Manufacturers, maintaining the highest standard of quality is always among us key focus. Hence, we follow a systematic, well-defined process to produce high-grade ethanol, which can prove to be a quite value-adding raw material for the industrial sector. Owing to our best-in class offerings, we have managed to emerge as a knowledge and quality driven Ethanol Manufacturers & Suppliers in UAE, and won the trust of loyal customers in several parts of the world.


Is ethanol absolute 99.9% available at Chemstock?

Yes. As a major Ethanol Supplier in UAE, Chemstock offers ethanol absolute 99.9% “omnis”.

Can ethanol be purchased online through Chemstock.

Yes. Being one of the biggest Ethanol Suppliers & Exporters in UAE, we at Chemstock aim at ensuring the optimal convenience of our customers. You can easily purchase our products online through our official website.

Where can I find Chemstock offices?

You can find Chemstock offices across the regions of the U.A.E, China and India. For more details, you can simply give us a call.

Are quality standards maintained by Chemstock when supplying Ethanol in UAE?

Yes. We maintain strict quality standards when it comes to the delivery of all products. This factor has made us a premier chemical company in the Middle East and beyond.

Do you provide other industrial chemicals other than ethanol?

Yes. We offer a wide range of industrial chemicals. Its full list can be found on our website.

Industrial Chemicals and Equipment

Supplier of industrial grade chemicals for a wide range of Industries.

Laboratory Chemicals

Exclusive distributor and stockist for SD Fine Chem in UAE and Oman.

Laboratory Equipments

Supplier of high quality laboratory equipment for industries, educational and research purposes.

Laboratory Furnishing and Turnkey Solutions

We provide turnkey solutions for your laboratory furnishing requirements with a superior quality of finishing.

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Stockist for glassware and lab consumables Including test-tubes, lab bottles and specialized equipments.

Chemical Warehousing and Logistics

Expertise in warehousing, logistics and custom clearance for hazardous chemicals.

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